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Please be aware that your stomach must have been empty for about 3 hours minimum before commencing Yoga Pranayamas if you had a light-medium sized meal. If you had a large meal then 4 hours. You may drink water or dilute juices in that 3-4 hour period of no food, but not fruit juices, small snacks, chocolates or fruits.


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Bring about Positive Change through the Power of Breathing

For ALL 1-1 Lessons, a ONE HOUR CONSULTATION is advisable before or along with the FIRST lesson. This time is used to discuss your health, learning requirements and to complete the necessary paperwork (downloadable forms).
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The above Terms and Conditions Form is a general contract between Divine Yoga Ltd. and you. A specific contract will be given highlighting the agreed charges, type of Divine Yoga programme, duration & number of lessons and any other conditions agreed mutually. You are expected to sign and return all the above Forms before any lessons commence.

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