Mr Terry Stone,

Ascot, Berkshire, September 2010


I have just completed a block of ten Divine Yoga lessons with Ajay and everywhere I go people have said there is something different about me and my close friends and family have all noticed that I’m now a lot calmer and I also look a lot younger!

Divine Yoga is now officially a cheaper and painless alternative to  Botox.


I have also started to notice that the things that are bad for you in life like alcohol and too much meat, which I enjoy thoroughly I have gone off of and I have cut the alcohol down to an occasional glass once a week and the meat I’m slowly phasing out of my diet.


Mr Praladh & Mrs Bela Sondhi,

Langley, Berkshire. April 2010

Praladh and
I both feel that the one to one sessions are essential to ensure that one is doing them correctly to obtain the benefit. Ajay has a very relaxed, friendly and easy approachable manner that one is very in practicing with him. His knowledge, passion and belief in the exercise come through so clearly in his explanations and demonstrations. Ajay catered some of the pranayams to both our needs, Praladh’s, to gain weight and mine to loose.

Praladh had been breathing incorrectly for many years and had difficulty with one of the exercises; Ajay retrained him correctly with fun and humour. Praladh is now noticing the benefits, his energy levels are better and he does not feel as tired. He also feels more spiritually connected.

I noticed the benefits a little slower. Having done the pranayamas I find that I feel more alert and fresh and believe that I am noticing changes to my body as I am aiming to loose weight.

Praladh and I believe in the benefits so much that we have rebooked Ajay for weekly sessions. The first 10 days are essential to ensure continuity of habit.


Mr Jim Byrne,

Slough, June 2010


For sometime I was encouraged to do breathing exercises but only since taking this course with Ajay did I realise how beneficial it is to do breathing exercises on a daily basis.

His attention to detail and encouragement urges me to continue with the exercises.

I find the exercises very beneficial for my health – in fact my back mobility (problem with coccyx) has greatly improved.

Mrs Marguerite Byrne,

Slough, June 2010


Ajay is an excellent teacher - always very patient, kind and understanding.  He pitches his lessons accurately and considering my needs and provides appropriate support.  His deep insight into life and spirituality is a great richness that contributes to the vibrancy of his lessons.

I have benefited enormously from the lessons.

From being a shallow breather all my life I have increased my lung capacity considerably through an interesting variety of simple techniques.

I have made efforts in the past to do this but it was too demanding to continue with it.

I am very grateful for having found Ajay who has made, what was a difficult task, fun and relaxing. When the student is ready the teacher will appear! 

As with anything worthwhile in life - ongoing practice is required -this is especially true of breathing correctly.  With regular practice I am already reaping the benefit of what I have learned with Ajay. He comes highly recommended.

IMPORTANT: If you have had lessons with us then we would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


The West spoke fairly enough, talking of honour, the sanctity of the given word, and of promises; of freedom and enlightenment. It vaunted its poets, its philosophers, its scientists, its classical inheritance from that beautiful, far off Greece, whose greatest philosophers, it forgot to mention, had been inspired through Egypt and Persia, by India. Michael Pym Author(1889)

Mrs R Sharma,

Birmingham, 2007.

Me & my husband  were trying  for a baby for 3 years. I was told by doctors the only way I could get pregnant was  through IVF treatment as I had an ovarian cyst & only one ovary. This is when Ajay told me about yoga & he came to Birmingham to teach me yoga pranayamas. I started doing yoga for 10 minutes a day & 3 weeks later I was doing it for one hour a day & within three months of doing yoga I got pregnant. My beautiful son is nearly 3 now and I know  all this happened because of yoga & many thanks to Ajay for teaching us the pranayamas.

Dr Mohinder Singh Dhatt, Slough.

I have attended a number of Yog Pranayama classes in Slough and these gave me strength and freshness and insight into yoga.

Ms Aruna Bhatia, Windsor.

Your classes gave me a sense of calm and inner happiness when I was in situae. The bhajans (hymns) you sang broke up the sessions very well.

Ms Suki Chana, Richings Park, Iver.

I have really enjoyed the yoga classes. I have been suffering from Diabetes, DVT, Insomnia. In doing the exercises has helped me a lot. I do the exercises at home as well. I recommend this to anyone.

Mr S Johl, Windsor.

I have been practicing divine yoga schedule for 3 years.........I spend 30 mins on pranayamas. I have found some benefits i.e my nasal congestion has cleared up............I have noticed a decrease in the respiratory infections............I have also seen the benefits with headaches – i.e initiating nasal breathing decreases the intensity and severity of the headaches. I feel internally I am benefiting and believe my body is detoxifying.


Overall there is a definite benefit I would recommend this to others.

Mr Paul Grewal, Slough.

I have been enjoying the classes a lot and the devotional hymns help a great deal too.  All in all very good indeed!

Manipura chakra or  Naval - yellow colour for digestion and to manifest goals.

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Mr Nathan Sedgewicke,

Slough, May 2010


After suffereing a relapse from a serious digestive disorder (Crohn’s Colitis), Ajay has put me on the road to recovery. Through his spiritual guidance and prayanama practice, i have progressed physically and mentally. Medication has been reduced to nothing from 4 daily steroid tablets and symptoms are being steadily suppressed. Through Divine Yoga, I feel my spiritual life has been revived and my body can ultimately heal itself.


I would recommend this practice.


Side Benefits of Pranayamas v Side Effects of Modern Medicines

The main drawback of allopathic medicines is that they could generate other diseases (side effects) in the process of controlling one disease. In many cases there is no cure in the modern medical system, as it is more focused on control.  On the contrary, Divine Yoga has many benefits that a yogi (a true practitioner of yoga) would consider as “side benefits”. Refer to the Divine Yoga page for details. There are no side effects in Divine Yoga (if practised correctly) as it is a natural practice with oxygen as the main medicine.

Lisa M,

Hounslow, June 2010

Ajay’s Divine Yoga is a real eye opener into the various ways that we as humans should be breathing. I did the 5-day course which was extremely beneficial to my way of life in general. I feel calmer, more peaceful, more relaxed and more at ease with myself. Doing the exercises during the day creates a sense of fulfilment and tranquility. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of age, sex or ability. Ajay is a masterful yogi and it is a decision you will never regret. Take a chance - Change your life!
Divine yoga with ajay kumar

Bring about Positive Change through the Power of Breathing

Barbara Schaer,

Central Otago, New Zealand, August 2010


I have been learning the pranayama exercises for one week now and have felt a great increase of energy, my head feels light and clearer and I am looking forward to the exercises as I can feel an instant improvement in my overall health. I have already lost some weight, my digestive system is changing and my aches and pains are lessening. Friends have been commenting on how I look brighter and that my whole personality has changed, from a depressed “grouch’’, to a happy positive, vibrant personality. I am looking forward to continue to work with Ajay, as I feel comfortable, secure and I am trusting in his techniques that they will restore my body, mind, emotion and spirit back to health. I have been fortunate to come across Ajay by “accident “and feel honored and blessed that Ajay was able to work with me through the internet via Skype as I live at the other end of the world in New Zealand. Working through Skype is great; it felt like Ajay was here in my living room teaching me the pranayamas. What I enjoyed was that Ajay shared his in depth knowledge and wisdom so freely, his passion and energy is amazing. I would recommend Ajay to anyone around the world. Thank you so much Ajay for your support and help I appreciate so much I feel deeply honored and blessed to have found you.

Two weeks later, Barbara wrote a heart rendering account of how much she had been moved by this ancient science of India, which she then posted onto an international healing website as a blog:

The Journey;

I thought my Journey began when I became a homeopath. Working and training as a homeopath sure enough was a Journey. I felt I was on my path. I added many other modalities, Aura –Soma, crystals, Energy healing, massage, animal communication, telepathic healing, yet somehow I was still feeling it was not complete. Often I felt I could not help as much as I wanted, I felt I could not help myself as much as I thought I should be. I analyzed, I developed awareness, I questioned what I was doing. There was a voice within me that kept on telling me there was a way of healing ourselves without any form of medicine, natural or allopathic. I could not find the answers I asked the universe for help as I felt inadequate, still suffering from too many physical, mental, emotional, spiritual  “hang ups “. Through Healing International, by “accident” I received an e-mail that had been sent to many people from Ajay Kumar from I checked out his website and knew this was what I have been looking for all this time. I connected with Ajay via Skype as I am in New Zealand and Ajay is in London. We set up time for me to do sessions to learn the Pranayamas. Wow I now know the Journey has just began. It is my Journey to discover how to heal myself with breathing exercises. For the first time in my life I belief healing has hit the core, the deepest part of myself and to my astonishment the healing is coming quickly and on a very deep level. My whole being is changing my old patterns are dissolving and a new me is emerging without effort, without analyzing and questioning myself, we all have to breath, the breathe is the greatest healer of all. I wanted to share this with anyone that will read this, words cannot describe how I feel, I can only thank the Universe that I have been able to find Ajay who has been so amazing, patient, helpful and caring and has started me on my life changing Journey.

God Bless

Barbara Schaer


Viviana Munoz-Mirt, originally from Santiago, Chile.

Windsor, Berkshire. September 2010

This is the best yoga I ever practised. The focus on the breathing techniques allows better concentration, inner peace and relaxation. The prana-yamas recommended for sleep work extrem-ely well. The one to one practise is very useful since direct feedback made the learning process much better. I am very satisfied with Ajay, he also gave some tips for my baby to sleep well and I am very happy to recommend him to anyone interested in learning these techniques.

Mrs Homera Ali,

Hounslow, Middlesex. July 2010

I have been learning the yoga pranayamas with Ajay for a while now and all I can say is they have made a significant difference in me. I feel more positive, full of energy, I am more close to nature now and I not only feel the difference on the physical level but also at spiritual level too. Before I was doing Yoga exercises learning from a CD in which the emphasis was more on physical stances and I never felt any change in me while doing my yoga program then I came to know Ajay who introduced me to the breathing techniques of yoga which no one has emphasized to me before. Ajay is a very dedicated, trained yoga teacher and I wish him all the luck for the good work that he is doing by making positive difference in people’s lives.  I would recommend Ajay to my family and friends so they can also get benefited with the yoga Pranayamas. God bless you Ajay and keep up the good work.

Mr Balraj Sandhu, 32 years old .

Ealing, London. August 2010

After suffering 4 months of breathing difficulties as a result of a severe respiratory infection, and fearful of developing asthma, I contacted Ajay to learn breathing techniques to see if they could aid my recovery. 

After an initial telephone conversation with Ajay, I was very impressed with his knowledge, enthusiasm, positive outlook and ability to listen. Very quickly, we booked a set of one to one daily lessons to learn the Pranayamas.

From the outset, I really enjoyed Ajay’s teaching style – informal and relaxed, yet professional and focused. Having previously done yoga for 2 years, I was surprised at how incorrect my breathing techniques were. However, Ajay was marvellous at ‘reversing’ these breathing habits - it took only a matter of days to learn the techniques and apply them consistently.

Regarding the Pranayamas themselves, I was surprised at how such simple and gentle exercises could have such a profound effect on both my physical and mental state. Yes, they helped me with the breathing difficulties but more importantly they had a hugely positive effect on my mind. Post a breathing session, there is a noticeable mental difference – I feel calmer, less stressed, more positive and alert.

Learning the Pranayamas from Ajay (with all the variations and nuances he has added) has been a brilliant and positive life changing experience. I cannot recommend enough learning these simple yet effective techniques from him. You will get so much more from these techniques than you can imagine – both physically and mentally.

Ajay – I have already passed your details on to some of my friends. Hopefully they will be in contact. I promise you, if my company is ever big enough, lessons will be mandatory for all staff (I’m being serious).

Mrs Shilpa Shah, her husband and two children

age 18 and 20.

London. July 2010

Learning the pranayamas from Ajay was truly a meditative experience for the whole family. I had personally felt the health benefits through a collective class locally but had wanted to learn each pranayama in more detail and more importantly, correctly. I managed to convince my husband and children aged 18 and 20 that this could enhance their working and studying lives in terms of doing things with less stress, increase their concentration and to increase the awareness within and of their outer lives.

Reluctantly, they joined in but were convinced from the very first lesson! They looked forward to them each day for the next 10 days. It made them all feel very calm and peaceful and helped them overcome the stresses of their busy days. Sometimes my daughter felt that the experience was almost “trance like”.

On my part, apart from the obvious health benefits, it is helping me to do a daily structured meditation. It has helped to increase my concentration.

I have really enjoyed Ajay’s method of doing the pranayama classes through sound, mantras and bhajans (devotional hymns). This is what makes it different from all the other classes because it helps to have a very focused and concentrated lesson with the end result of a very spiritual experience. When doing it daily in the morning it helps one to prepare to face the stresses of the rest of the day or if done in the evening it helps one to have a peaceful restful sleep.

Well done Ajay and thank you.

Mrs H, Maidenhead.

A whole new world opens up to you. It is worth investing up to an hour a day in today’s ever-changing hectic world in order to get life-long health (physical and spiritual) benefits. It is possible to take a break from all the chaos to connect with your inner Self and put everything into perspective.

Judith Kent,

Gerrards Cross, Bucks. June-September 2010

 I started Ajay’s classes out of curiosity. I had often heard references to the importance of breathing properly, but did not have any real idea of the full benefits it could bring. Due to a particularly busy period at work I first learnt through attending 3 sessions a week and whilst that was beneficial, the impact of having a concentrated 6 day tuition session was immeasurably better. Ajay is a great teacher – patient, enthusiastic and cares so much that his students learn the full benefits that he puts in 110% commitment to his teaching. I found the sessions improved my concentration, well being and energy levels. I would recommend everyone to Ajay without hesitation.

Mr Avtar Singh,

Windsor, October 2010

I did the intense Breathing Course of 15 hours over 10 continuous days with Ajay. I still take 1 or 2 lessons per week as it helps me to keep on the right track and motivated. I am 61 years of age and have found the breathing exercises have helped me connect well with my Spirit and have increased my energy levels. Also, the scabs on my skin have been drying and dropping off and so my skin feels much better and fresher. My constipation problem (one of my main concerns) is improving.

At first, I found the pranayama practice time consuming but as I started doing it I gained greater peace of mind and wanted to do it more and more! Now, after nearly 1 month, I am more settled into the pranayamas and see it as a crucial part of my lifestyle and I feel that the practice time goes so much faster that I actually want to do more of it. I do 35 minutes in the morning and 1 hour in the evening every day.


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