A well-known Hindu mode of worship of the devotional movements of Surya is done at the rising of the Sun, known as Surya namaskara (Sun Salutation). The yogic postures are assumed in successive flowing movements to complete one namaskar. Twelve sacred Hindu mantras uttered and for each mantra one complete namaskar is done. Ancient practice is to do 108 namaskaras a day. It is considered most auspicious to do this.

Our way of teaching is with the correct breathing so that you do not become breathless and are able to fully realise the beneficial stretch as well as feel the relevant chakras being activated. These will also be boosted through the powerful mantras that will be taught to you, both pronunciation and for silent chanting in the mind, as you do the series of Surya Namaskara exercises.

Please refer to the 'Physical Yoga Programme' if you wish to book 5 lessons to master this technique for the best all-round body cardio and flexibility exercise.

The 12 mantras for Surya Namaskara,


  2. 1.  mitraya namah

  3. 2.  ravayé namah

  4. 3.  suryaya namah

  5. 4.  bhanavé namah

  6. 5.  khagaya namah

  7. 6.  pushné namah

  8. 7.  hiranyagarbhaya namah

  9. 8.  marichayé namah

  10. 9.  adityaya namah

  11. 10. savitré namah

  12. 11. arkaya namah

  13. 12. bhaskaraya namah

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Surya Namaskara

(Sun Salutation)

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