There are many challenges facing our youth  (16 - 21 year olds) and youngsters (11 -15 year olds) in these modern times. They quickly acquire information and knowledge of sciences and the material world but equally important and more crucial perhaps is the knowledge that can help to build their moral fibre. It is ‘core ethics’ and ‘respect’ that will distinguish them. This moral fibre is provided in abundance through the practise of Divine Yoga along with physical exercises to keep them challenged and motivated. Your children can learn the power of spirituality through Ajay’s unique way of teaching. It is taught in an  easy, fun and logical manner whereby the deepest philosophy will be explained in simple and scientific ways. Your children will appreciate the power of the Spirit within them to bring about positive changes into their lifestyles. The modern pressures can be managed much better when we have a focused and relaxed mind. They will learn to manage their anger. The practise of pranayamas in particular will provide them with deep insight and clarity. Hence this will lead to inner peace and tranquility.

Core Ethics - those principles that keep us steadfast in the face of difficult challenges

Respect - when we understand and honour the inter-connectedness between all living species and Nature

Other key benefits of a yoga programme is better fitness, flexibility and health. You will look better, feel better and think better.

Yoga is becoming a powerful tool in our goal to raise calm, well-balanced, and socially aware children. Most people are already sold on the physiological benefits of yoga - improvements in posture, flexibility, strengths and endurance. But it’s yoga’s often overlooked cognitive/social/psychological benefits that read like a parent’s or schoolteacher’s dream. Kids who practise yoga on a regular basis show improvements in:

  1. -Memory

  2. -Concentration

  3. -Self-acceptance

  4. -Mood

  5. -Social skills

  6. -Learning ability

Today’s children are bombarded by a never ending array of stimulus every day - from 100’s of TV channels to text message overload. Add to this the controversial two to three hours of homework most kids receive each night.  Adults, mostly yoga devotees themselves, are recognising the childrens’ need for calm. Kids have so much energy, both naturally and from their outside world. Yoga gives them the opportunity to take a break and focus that energy inwards.

A programme of exercises, incorporating physical, breathing and basic meditation yoga can be set on an individual needs basis.

Example of a typical 45 minute lesson:

  1. 1.Light exercises for warming up - 3 minutes

  2. 2.Yogic jogging for active warm-up - 7 minutes

  3. 3.Sun Salutation - 5 minutes

  4. 4.Yoga Asanas (Postures) - 5 minutes

  5. 5.Yogic Pranayamas (Breathing exercises) - 20 minutes

  6. 6.Basic Meditation - 5 minutes

Divine yoga with ajay kumar

Bring about Positive Change through the Power of Breathing

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