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AUM symbols in different Indian languages

What is Divine Yoga?

Yoga is the ancient life discipline that has been practiced in India for many millennia. Yoga is the science of ‘Union with the Divine Universal Truths’. Its practice helps the individual to achieve longevity, rejuvenation, self-realisation and enlightenment.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root word Yuj, which means ‘union’ or ‘to connect with’. But who is this union with? To unite, our true Self, the powerhouse within us - The Soul - with The Supreme Consciousness - The Super Soul or God.

When the physical body and the non-physical mind are afflicted through ailments or depression then it is not so easy to concentrate and connect with your Spirit or Soul. The process by which we are able to overcome this difficulty in concentration and connection is called Divine Yoga.

Divine Yoga

Spiritual Sciences and Material Sciences

India’s influence has always been in many spheres of life. Its’ thousands of scriptures (Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita etc) and spiritual masters, have openly shared their values - Apara Vidya (Knowledge of Material Sciences) and Para Vidya (Knowledge of Spiritual Sciences) with the whole world. Hindus believe in ‘Vasudeva Katumbhakam’ - ‘the whole world is one big family’. In westernised societies these two paths of knowledge are at opposite ends but our scriptures overcome this in many ways.

We see the Divine and Divinity in many facets. We believe that God listens to your heart and not to the way you pronounce His or Her Name. Therefore, it is not important whether you say Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Jesus, Allah, Wahe-Guru, Jehova or a Pagan name as long as you hold no malice and fully respect both Mother Nature and the Sanctity of all Life. Furthermore, your prayer should be powerful, truthful and sincere from the depths of your heart.

Vishudhi Chakra or Throat region - the blue colour of the Spirit and relates to self-expression and a willingness to see solutions in everything.

Divine yoga with ajay kumar

Bring about Positive Change through the Power of Breathing

We want you to sow the seed of Divine Yoga into your lives and reap the benefits. We want you to try and realise that India and its early seers were visionary humanitarians and ‘God-following’ people. They held deep insight and faith and relied upon The Divine and The Universe for its answers to the various questions posed by the enquiring and sometimes troubled mind. But above all, they realised and recognised the Divine Spark within (ie. the Soul) and relied on 'It' to guide them onto the path of various discoveries - physical, mental and/or spiritual. The ultimate realisation was that the 'faculty of high Intellect’ - only available in a human birth through reincarnation - when utilised correctly was indeed the highest blessing. Through this realisation and with feelings of deep humility for God and the abundant Mother Nature and Universe, their minds expanded as vast knowledge flowed to them. Hence it was categorically acknowledged and stated in ancient Hindu Sanskrit scriptures that:

‘ALL knowledge has come to us from the Divine Supreme Source known as Brahman or God.’

Why do Divine Yoga?

This website is about broadening our perspectives and therefore we suggest you take a look at these videos that we have painstakingly designed. These videos are a humble attempt by us to try and awaken humanity. We hope you will make your own mind up as to whether or not this knowledge can be relied upon and go on to realise why we trust this ancient Hindu wisdom.

The quotes in the video show the appreciation the world has for the ‘epicentre of knowledge’ known as Bharat (or India) from where forth knowledge has flown incessantly - like a river - for millenia for the benefit of all life-kind. In the same way, this knowledge of Divine Yoga is only one such stream of wisdom!

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