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I have been doing yoga of different sorts for the last 10 years. I now firmly believe in propagating this Divine Pranayama Yoga hence I recently gave up my full-time job in the Civil Service to become a Yoga Lifestyle Coach. This type of yoga brings hope to people through ancient techniques to revitalise your own body. In fact I have been teaching for 5 years and since then I have held and still hold several free public classes. Check out my voluntary community work also on

“I have taught thousands of people through free yoga classes where large numbers are often present. Under these circumstances very few people can actually pick up the breathing techniques correctly as not enough teachers are present to provide individual guidance. Even fewer people learn correctly through TV, DVD’s and books and in my experience this is worse, as it leads to bad practice. They gain little benefit or worse still can induce certain side effects! One on One or smaller group learning with a teacher ratio of not more than 1:8 is essential.”

Unless 1 on 1 supervision can be provided it is not easy to learn. The strength of breath in and out and the length of breath inhaled and exhaled has to be carefully mastered and constantly checked for consistency if one is to perfect these techniques for better mental and physical health. There are no side effects in breathing unless it is done incorrectly. In certain cases of bad practice it has been noted that people can generate pain in their abdomen and lower back region and even increase the risk of high blood pressure and angina! Hence, in this case I always say practice does not make perfect unless it is correct practice!

We can self-relieve and in many cases self-cure.

Through my personal life experiences, I have learnt that divine yoga can make us strong enough physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to meet any challenges head on.

There is hope and I hope you will take this path and find the same peace and balance I have through this spiritual and scientific practice.

Ajya chakra or Third Eye - indigo colour for clearing the subconscious and a balanced state of mind.


“We believe in life before and after death”

ajay kumar

Ajay is a qualified Yoga teacher from India after undergoing training in October 2005 with Swami Ramdev Ji himself in Haridwar under the auspices of Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust), India. Registered Yoga Teacher No. 2740.

In August 2006 I invited Swami Ramdev Ji to the Slough Hindu Temple in order to inaugurate the Divine Yoga classes I was going to conduct - these were the FIRST free public lessons of their kind by a Patanjali Yogpeeth Institute trained teacher in the UK. I have been holding these public lessons under the non-profit banner of ‘Friends of Life’.

Swamiji at Ajay’s home

Check out what other intellectual thinkers have said about ‘Mother’ India and its wealth of Hindu wisdom at


Divine yoga with ajay kumar

Bring about Positive Change through the Power of Breathing

We now provide a personal service, on a priority basis, to the very ill and need of help as I firmly believe there is nothing better to help people gain relief from miseries - this is Yoga Therapy.

Due to the philanthropic nature of Divine Yoga Ltd., its therapists will not charge for providing the knowledge of Pranayamas or treating ill patients (ie. through Breathing Yoga techniques) but we simply place a charge for our time and expenses. You are assured of quality training and better learning through one on one or small group learning. We do not teach Breathing Yoga techniques to a group of more than 8 people unless additional teachers are present.

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