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Initial Consultations and one on one sessions now available via Skype.  Works really well - particularly useful for distant and overseas clients.

Welcome! Did you know that we can self-cure and revitalise ourselves through breathing techniques?

Did you know that the immense power of ‘Breathing Yoga’ techniques known as Pranayamas (in the Sanskrit language) can do exactly that! Pranayama is the missing vital link in the practice of yoga in today’s modern world. It will connect not only body and mind but more importantly it will correct the ego and intellect - a must in order to build the essential bridge between mind and Spirit. This leads a person deeper into meditational practises and to the ultimate goal of Soul or Self-realisation.

This website is for anyone who believes in activating the natural and dormant powers within us so that we can enjoy good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is for those who believe in the power of the mind and human Spirit. We primarily focus on the ill or severely afflicted. This unique type of yoga is therapeutic so it has the power to cure and prevent through mechanical manipulations in breathing. We uniquely combine the rhythmical breathing in Pranayamas with sound to provide an overall therapy that naturally invokes the healing of body and mind. The saying is ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ so this practise is for everyone.

Yoga is a discipline that creates a balanced lifestyle and will also prevent and cure many illnesses/symptoms. Our purpose is to help you to develop this self-discipline so that it becomes a core and integral part of your daily life.

If you want to find out about our Private Lessons then click here on ‘Rates’. However, it’s probably best you click on the ‘Q&A’ tab to get the answers to a lot of your common queries. If you want to discover the different types of exercises we offer then click on ‘Divine Exercises’. Here you will also find information for Corporate and Business clients - our ‘Corporate Well-being’ page which is also applicable to all kinds of different Organisations. We also provide some advice on nutrition and diet in a section called ‘Diet’ under the ‘Products’ tab. We do recommend you try and incorporate some or all of these points as part of the lifestyle change but as a minimum if you can keep to this type of diet whilst doing the learning then it will be more beneficial for you to realise the full benefits. There are a number of specific yoga training programmes for people with various conditions - ‘Specific Illnesses’ page - such as diabetes and heart conditions. You can be referred through a GP Clinic and hence be closely monitored, subject to a mutual agreement between them and us. A ‘Young Persons’ programme is also available on this page for our youth and young adults. If you wish to learn more about the philosophy and benefits of yoga or the scientific research and evidence around it then click on ‘Divine Yoga’ and select from the drop down menu. When you want to book any lessons then simply click the ‘Rates’ page for lesson types and charges. Then submit your details or requests to us via the Booking Form. Any queries outside this or any other question can also be posed to us on our Enquiries Form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or by simply emailing us on

Our recommendation is to do an intense Yoga Camp. Hope to hear from you soon!

British Actor Terry Stone, based in Ascot and a star of films such as ‘Rise of The Foot Soldier’ and ‘Bonded by Blood’. Terry recently completed the Yoga Breathing course and had this to say: “I’m now a lot calmer and I also look a lot younger! Divine Yoga is now officially a cheaper and painless alternative to Botox :-) After having a session of Yoga with Ajay I feel a lot lighter and really positive in my mind and at peace with the World”.

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(2) ‘Divine Yoga’ for the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ beautifully sung in Sanskrit with English translations.

(3) ‘Q&A’ for common ‘questions and answers’ on how to book yoga lessons.

(4) ‘Exercises’ for a 30 minute intense yoga cardio package with ‘Sun Salutation.’

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Mount Kailash, Tibet

“I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the river Ganges”  François-Marie Arouet, French philosopher, also known as Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

  1. Mount Kailash - probably considered the holiest of all places by Hindus. Mount Kailash on Earth is Mount Meru in Heaven. It is considered to be the centre of the Universe where the Trinity first appeared at Creation and its summit is the eternal abode of Lord Shiva. Notice the third eye in the face of the mountain!

Sahasrara  chakra or Crown - violet colour for Oneness with God and Peace.

The main benefits of this Divine Yoga are:

  1. It fixes your System not just your Symptoms

  2. Exercises the internal organs and glands

  3. Increases the level of oxygen in blood cells

  4. Increases good hormone levels

  5. Immunity improves

  6. Gives relief from symptoms of depression, stress and anxieties

  7. Toxins are removed from the body

  8. It helps to overcome addictions such as smoking and drinking

  9. The ageing process is slowed down, you look younger!

  10. Mind becomes more stable and your memory becomes tranquil

  11. Brain becomes sharper and you are able to multi-task

  12. Easy way to lose weight without strenuous physical exercise

  13. Helps children to become more intelligent and calmer, controls anger

“And now Yoga!” says Maharishi Patanjali, Chapter 1, Verse 1 Yoga Sutras.

BOOK A PRIVATE  GROUP 7 DAY YOGA CAMP and learn it all here in the UK with no more than 8 people for quality learning:  

Tailor Made Yoga Programme

Divine yoga with ajay kumar

Bring about Positive Change through the Power of Breathing

Balraj Sandhu, a 32 year old  businessman from Ealing, London. “Ajay – I have already passed your details on to some of my friends. Hopefully they will be in contact. I promise you, if my company is ever big enough, lessons will be mandatory for all staff (I’m being serious).”

Radwan Hindi, an international acupuncturist from Lebanon, Middle East. “A good teacher, and a friend, you teach from the heart, you have studied and experimented with this ancient art of breathing and you are sharing it with us and making this ancient knowledge available to us. So students should be really lucky to have you in the U.K."

Barbara Schaer, a senior Homeopath and Healer from New Zealend. “I have been fortunate to come across Ajay and he was able to work with me through the internet via Skype. Working through Skype is great; it felt like Ajay was here in my living room teaching the pranayamas.”

Read more about Barbara’s feedback and her heart rendering prose called ‘The Journey’ based on her experience of learning these exercises which she also posted as a blog on an international Healing website.


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BOOK UP TO 2 PERSONS 5-DAY INTENSE PRIVATE  YOGA CAMP . This is undoubtedly the best way to learn!

Breathing Yoga Programme

Divine Yoga have devised a UNIQUE way of learning

and practising the pranayamas. Through our years of experience, we have developed subtler practises to realise our subtle energies within. These pranayamas are not physically demanding. Another major difference is that

we have devised a method that powerfully incorporates

a very therapeutic sound, in the exhalation breath. This sound subtly relaxes, purifies and helps us to heal the

heart and mind - the two crucial platforms that require constant cleansing. Theses differences make the practise

easier, effective and enjoyable, in taking us deeper and

deeper into calming alpha and theta states of mind.

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Relaxation sound to be used as background

sound in the pranayama practise